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The For Van Cleef Revealed

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In 1968, VCA produced the very first Alhambra® lengthy necklace, composed of 20 clover-shaped motifs, elevated yellow gold, and trimmed with gold beads. This symbolic design accomplished quick accomplishment, recognized all through the planet as a token of luck, emblematic of Van Cleef & Arpels. These days, it comes in several variations, enriched with a wide range of materials, colors, and symbols. Van Cleef & Arpels came up with the extraordinary and innovative strategy known as the “Mystery Set”. In this method, valuable stones are set in a way that no prongs are visible.

Due to the scarcity of these items, they retain their worth even on the second hand industry extremely properly. Van Cleef & Arpels is possibly one particular of the most prestigious names in the fine jewelry planet. Formed in 1896 by Alfred Van Cleef in Paris, Van Cleef & Arpels is recognized for their works which are centered about animals, flowers and fairies. One particular of Van Cleef’s most iconic lines is the Alhambra flower collection.

To this day it remains an icon, simultaneously elegant, whimsical and attractive. These days it’s all about lounging in the art deco salon at the Van Cleef & Arpels boutique. The legendary jewelry business, founded in France additional than a century ago, doubled the size of its space when it moved from Michigan Avenue to Oak Street, filling three,800 square feet with sophisticated baubles. Along with the designs that created the brand a must-have among ladies who lunch , the new shop involves a library exactly where you can browse books about the maison, as effectively as archival supplies like initial sketches. A stone of the quartz household, tiger’s eye exhibits alternating layers of radiant yellow and brown waves reminiscent of a feline eye.

They integrated the Lamartine bracelet and the Puertas ruby, both pictured above, offered to her by Richard Burton. The latter, presented as a present for Christmas 1968, sold for $4,226,500. In 1938 the jeweller designed a ruby and diamond Jarretière bracelet, 1 of the most spectacular pieces it had ever made, for Marlene Dietrich. Princess Faiza of Egypt, 1 of the five sisters of King Farouk, had the Art Deco emerald and diamond necklace shown beneath created for her in 1929. When it was sold at Christie’s in 2013, for $four million, it was acquired by Van Cleef & Arpels for its personal collection. It took the firm’s workmen quite a few years to ideal a totally functioning zip in precious metals and gemstones.

The attractive Mother of Pearl is a symbol for fantastic luck, prosperity and achievement. The most well-known collections are the Alhambra, Frivole and Perlée collections. Of course, most individuals acquiring a piece of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry know they are shopping for a thing exceptional. That is the final, and perhaps most vital, aspect in Van Cleef & Arpels’ worth when it comes to resales.

Through the 1950s, Van Cleef & Arpels perfected it is zipper inspired convertible necklace, regarded as a single of the most revolutionary pieces of jewelry to ever be made. This necklace can be worn as a necklace as a bracelet by detaching the upper part from the remaining section and then zipping it up to become a bracelet. The Alhambra is one more collection that has been reinvented more than time. In 1968, the maison made the first see it here Alhambra lengthy necklace, composed of 20 clover shapes, destined to grow to be a figure in the planet of fine jewelry. The collection’s distinctive motif originated with Jacques Arpels, nephew of the founding couple, who would usually choose four-leaf clovers in his backyard and present them to his staff as fantastic luck charms. The company also gives a collection of charms that you can attach to any watch.

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Van Cleef & Arpels

More than the years, the Maison has remained faithful to a extremely distinctive style characterized by creativity, refinement, poetry and enchantment. Right now, this heritage is perpetuated by all these who contribute to Van Cleef & Arpels’ excellence. Anybody fortunate enough to see any of Manso’s big-scale images will agree that it is an invitation to a subjective knowledge and a sense of nostalgia, eeriness, admiration, beauty, magic, loneliness and peace. His sculptural realism creates an atmosphere that reveals a component of himself and his involvement.

A single of the diamond brooches is set in yellow gold, and the other is set in white gold. You’ll note that she’s also wearing matching Cosmos earrings in this photograph. Estelle Arpels, the daughter of the precious stone dealer, married the son of a stonecutter, Alfred Van Cleef, in 1895.

One particular of the initially standout pieces by the business was a dazzling bracelet with red and white roses, fashioned impeccably from rubies and diamonds. It received the grand prize at the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts in 1925, and helped cement their legacy for fine craftsmanship. The collection necessary an intriguing scenography to turn the exhibition of the pieces into a true encounter. I had been a fan of Bob Wilson’s for a extended time, and was aware of his contemporary, timeless environments, his work in representing animals, and his precise use of light. When it was completed, his scenography was enjoyed equally by jewelry professionals, theater lovers, and by five-year-olds who have been mesmerized by the show and the animal-inspired jewelry pieces. Considering the fact that opening in Paris in 2016, the show has traveled around the globe, and it will quickly open in China.

Alternating tiger’s eye and red carnelian instantly jazzes up any appear, but of course a single could never ever have as well lots of Alhambra motifs. So she finishes off with a single-motif Magic Alhambra pendant on an added-extended chain. The 20-motif necklace can also be worn extremely beautifully as a double tour short see this website necklace, especially when there is alternating grey mother-of-pearl and diamonds on pink gold. Roitfeld completes this minimalist appear with a Sweet Alhambra bracelet watch, also with alternating motifs in mother-of-pearl and diamonds. Likewise for the earrings, which are from the Magic Alhambra collection, and studded with diamonds on white gold.