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  • 2022, September Five: Harvest Moon Impact, Morning Planet March, Lunar Occultation

    The effects of this aren’t just limited to the heavens, nonetheless – they also impact us. When Saturn tends to make its return, we can expect major upheaval, explains expert Carolyne Faulkner, like connection breakdowns, career changes and very important emotional life lessons. What Gen went by means of has been nothing brief of transformative. […]

  • The Astrology Of Lucky Jupiter, Explained

    In a paper in the April 6 journal Nature, astronomers describe Hubble observations of WASP-178b, situated about 1,300 light-years away. On the daytime side the atmosphere is cloudless, and is enriched in silicon monoxide gas. Due to the fact one particular side of the planet permanently faces its star, the torrid atmosphere whips about to […]